This is us

CLAUDE - Storytelling

B.A. Political Science

My design portfolio alongside years of business management experience allows for the creation of engaging content, lucrative strategies and campaign roll outs that support all of our clients in reaching their potential. Understanding the importance of engaging content, I have a real interest in creating and capturing moments that drive real results which is what has turned my hobby into a life passion. My professional experience in branding, launching, and operating businesses brings impeccable value to the table. I enjoy dealing with brand direction, marketing strategies, ad design and storytelling. I'm also pretty nifty with a photo and a video camera.

AIDAN - Visual Aesthetic

B.M. Marketing

Over 4 years of professional photography experience has allowed me to bring a clean and timeless aesthetic to every project that I work on. My desire to capture the perfect moment every time I turn on my camera results in consistent customer satisfaction. Aware of the value of strong branding and consistent imagery, I've developed an eye with incredible attention to detail that will elevate your business" content to the next level.